Process Excellence

Leverage our process improvement workshops to jump start your initiatives.

Our process improvement workshops are built around basic problem solving fundamentals of process improvement, Six Sigma and Lean for both incremental and radical process change.  Participants learn and immediately apply these fundamentals using the best-in-class “Shrink-Wrapped Homes” business simulation. Participants then apply their learning in addressing their own organization’s internal process issues.  

Solve process performance problems using simple tools.

The best tools are the ones your team will actually use.  If tools are too complex, they will be quickly discarded.  Simple tools, such as process mapping, affinity diagram, 5 why’s, check sheets and pareto charts, used in conjunction with simple methodologies can address most business process issues.  We can help you select the steps and tools to use in your process improvement initiatives.

Involve all levels of your organization.

We help improve business processes at multiple levels of the organization. ​Cross-departmental improvement teams implement measurable improvements within one to six months, championed by middle managers and supervisors with support from senior management. Departmental improvement teams implement measurable improvements within one month. Individual employee implement improvements in the daily work processes for which they are each responsible

Easily navigate the complexity of leading methodologies.

We make it easier for your people to navigate the complexity of the leading methodologies to find the right approach to apply to their situation. We guide your team to solve process issues using the fundamentals of process improvement and redesign methodologies, such as Lean, Six Sigma, Continuous Improvement and Continual Service Improvement. We help you execute projects using a consistent tailored methodology that can be understood at all levels of the organization.

Use your strategies to drive process excellence.

We help you understand which of your business processes need to improve to execute your business strategies. We guide your people to improve and redesign business processes by
  • aligning process improvements with strategic goals and scorecard metrics
  • engaging employees as knowledge experts
  • reducing process variation, errors and failures
  • eliminating non-value-added activities
  • implementing innovative solutions

Energize your processes through your people.

Your people are involved in every step; we provide the problem solving methodology and facilitation expertise.  Your people experience the energy and creativity of teamwork while maintaining a disciplined focus on process improvement that links performance measures to strategic goals.