The Shrink-Wrapped Homes business simulation has been successfully used to jump start process improvement and redesign efforts at Fortune 500 companies, including Motorola, Rogers Digital Media, Dean Foods and Sara Lee.

Leadership Development

Experience the "Shrink-Wrapped Homes" business simulation.

"Shrink-Wrapped Homes" is a best-in-class business process improvement and redesign simulation. It gives your team immediate hands on experience in applying what they have learned.

Build process skills through customized workshops.

We leverage our proven workshops to customize a learning experience to your organization. Workshops include
  • Strategy Deployment
  • Project Selection, Definition and Alignment
  • Process Advancement and Redesign (PAR1)
  • Service Excellence and Experiential Redesign (SEER)
  • Lean Six Sigma Tools Training
  • Process Improvement Team Competency Model Development​

Participants work in 6 person teams to run the order management process for a home building company.

They will 
  • set baseline performance
  • improve the process quality
  • improve the process speed/efficiency
  • innovate the process